Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Crush - Like My Father [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

chi o ran sam so ge so
dwi do ra bol shi gan do ob shi
mu go un ma mik kul go
il to ro na ga myo hon
o nul do na nun
sa wo ya ma ha ne
a mu do a ra ju ji ha na
ku re do a ra
nan cham ma ya ma ne
ap pa cho rom
sal go ship po yo
ap pa cho rom nan
kange ji go ship po yo
a jik do o rin na re mo mul lo
mi ryon so ge nam ma
im ma um ki del go sul cha ja yo

a jik do ho rin na re mo mul lo
dang shi ne ge na ma
im ma um jam shi ne ryo no ha yo
nem ma um gat ji an
nun se sangi
hon ja son no mu wo ryo wo

ENGLISH Translation

In this tough life
No time to look back
Dragging a heavy heart
Going to work
Again today, I have to fight
No one recognizes me
But I know I have to endure
I wanna live like father
I wanna be strong like father
I’m still in my young days
Remaining in foolishness
Looking for a place to lean my heart on

I’m still in my young days
At least to you
I can lay down my heart
This world, that isn’t like my heart
It’s too hard to be alone in it


Eng - pop!gasa

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