Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Crush - 2411 [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

bos su nun ge sok dal lyo, ow yeah
pe ga no mu gop pun ne, ow no
om men dwit ja rik
o run jo ge an joh
chang bak kun na bo da
hang sang bal go

ma jang dong jong jom cha go ji
but to wang shim ni
ok su dongo dek kyot ji
en nam myo nap
ku jong lo di yo, ow Sh!t
i gos sun ne
ip shi ha gwo yon sup shil
da shim mak cha ro
ji be do ra ga nun gil
dongo de gyo wi
ya gyong-es son Whitney
Houstonis, Saving All My Love For You
i yop po nul kok ko
nu nul ga mu myon ne dan
dung mut te wi ga bo yo ay

This Stop Is In My Dreams
This Stop Is Stage ji wi
This Stop Is
I Don't Know No
nono nono, nono Yeah

at chi mi bal ga on ne eh
pek ga no mu gop pun ne eh..
mun duk gut te rul gi yok ke
am mu don nes so ril
kwi da ma dut chik a nul teh

Oh no, gut te nan ji gum min na al
kum kwos sul jim mol la
me i ri ban bok dwe nun
no son cho rom dol go do ra
ka jok dul ching gu du rek
ki de chik ay bi re ha nun
ta gak un shis son du ru
we myon ha myon sot to han
gyon de a het got to
bot tyo a yes son ne
yu ran swim to
i sak il lil bos suk a nes so
bo suk a nes som me il
da ji mes son ne oh
po gi ha jik ang ki ro ye

ja yon su re byo nan se wo ran
but jap jim mot te
sa ra jo bo rin bos su wa
ne ga sal don dong ne
no mu ma nun go rik ko sa ran ne
mian ne, mian ne

ENGLISH Translation

The bus keeps running
I’m so hungry, oh no
I sit in the back on the right
out the window it’s always brighter than I am

From the garage at the last stop in Majang-dong
when I pass Wangsimni and the Oksu Donho bridge
Apgujeong Rodeo oh shit
in this place was my cram school and practice room
again on the last train going back home
on the Dongho bridge
in the nightscape Whitney Houston’s
Saving all my love for you
when I wear my earphones and close my eyes
I see myself alone on the stage

This stop is in my dreams
This stop is on top of the stage
This stop is I don’t know no

The morning has come
I’m so hungry
suddenly I remember than time
when no one
listening to my voice

Maybe the me back then
dreamt of the me now
like a route I repeat everyday
I go around
while looking away from
the piercing looks
of expectation
of my friends and family
I also had to bear it
and endure it
my only shelter
was the 2411 bus
inside the bus
I made myself a promise every day
that I wouldn’t give up

I can’t catch the time
that naturally changes
the bus that disappeared
and the neighborhood I lived in
I forgot about a lot of things
I’m sorry, I’m sorry


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