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SAM KIM, Loco - Think About' Chu [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

on je but tong ga
ma nun ma ri, Babe
u ri ye gep pi ryo op so jin
sum ma nun bam mul
ham ke bo nen
u ri du re
ay ge da ga o nun na rum da un
nal dul, Yeah

u rin so rom man nyang
kul lyo ji, Babe
u rin mat chi ja sok gat tas so
ha rum da un nes so nul
chom cha bas sul ten na
nuk kyo ji nun no wan na
dul ma nul sa rang

Baby Now, Oh Yeah
hu, Babe Babe Babe Babe Babe
I Love You Babe Babe Babe
Oh Yeah

Yes You Are
Babe Babe Yes You Are
Think About chu
Think About chu
Think About chu
I've Been Thinkin About You..

ye yeh, Oh
pe ge wi yem mo ri ga da ul te
po gu nam mi
so ga ji yo jo eh
shi so ni ma jut chi
gos so nim ma at ta ul ten
pal li ga nun shi
ga ni mi wo jo eh
ta o ru nun jang jak
bu rap pe an ja yon
gi rul ba ra bwa, eh Yeah
bok chak ol la gi bu nun nop pa ji go
u ring gu yong gi rul
ta go na ra gak
ye ye ye

kum ma nun na rul
hon ja is sot ji Baby
mat chi o rum cho rom
cha ga wot ton nal dul
na rul yang-an nem mis so rul
nuk kyos sul te
nem ma um mun ni
mit ta o ruk nun
han yo rum, Yeah

so rom mi won
han jok do is sot ji Baby
sa u nun ji hyo ne
in ji mo rul mang kum
gut tem ma da u rin ni no re
du ru myon so oh
so ro i yol gul pa ni bom myo
u sot ton
ku gi yok ho ho
yo gi sot to han bon, yea
no wa na dul ma ne sa rangi
nuk kyo jin ne
nuk kyo jin ne
o nul bam, Baby Now

ye yeh, Oh
da shik (Think About chu)
nuk kyo jo nan nuk kyo ji ne
net du (I've Been Thinkin About chu Babe)
bo ri bul go ji geh
gip po ji nun bam meh, Yeah
i gip po ji nun ba meh

Think About chu
Think About chu
Think About chu
And I've Been Thinkin About chu
Think About You, ye yeh, Yeah Yeah

ENGLISH Translation

From some point baby
We didn’t need to say a lot
We spent countless nights together
Beautiful days to come ahead, yeah

We were just attracted to each other baby
We were like magnets
When I first held your beautiful hand
I felt the love between you and me

Baby now, oh yeah
Wooh baby
baby baby baby baby
I love you baby baby baby,
oh yeah

Yes you are
Baby baby yes you are
Think about’ you,
think about’ chu
Think about’ you,
I’ve been thinking about’ chu

When our heads touch the pillow
A warm smile spreads, yeah
When we look at each other and our hands touch
I hate time for going so quickly, yeah
Sitting in front of the burning fire
We see the smoke, yeah yeah
Overwhelmed, my mood goes up
We ride that smoke and fly
yeah yeah yeah

All those days, I was alone baby
Days that were cold as ice
When I felt your smile at me
My heart was already a burning midsummer, yeah

There were times we hated each other baby
To the point where we didn’t know
if we were even dating
Every time, we listened to this song
Looked into each other’s faces and smiled
I remember that once more
As I feel the love between you and me
Tonight, baby now

I feel it again, I feel it
My cheeks getting red
The night growing deeper, yeah
On this night growing deeper

Think about’ you,
think about’ chu
Think about’ you,
and I’ve been thinking about’ chu
Think about’ you, yeah yeah


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