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J-Hope (BTS) - 1 Verse [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

J Hope na
na ye i rum
shi jak ke gi rum
chi rul
nul do don chep
pak ki rul
mom cho bu but to
ne ga chi rul
mo yo ram meng
ga ji dul
bo yo juk ke
nek ka ji rul
to ryo nes so gun ga
ji rul
chap pi dat to
ro ji bi dum
ta huk ka myon
ti nun bi dul gi dul
yong mot tap ji
ga pi rul
nak ku ra ge
ka ne ryo ga shi jung
kwa num he ra ne
ja ji rul (WHAT)
hi nyon ban donga
bul gat tun ni shin ne
cham gwa nam myo
pang gwa na gi hi
ne gongi hi je nun
ba nung-al te ya
go chim mop shi nam
ba ra gi
hi ronge pap pa ra ji
da ha na ga ji
mo det tu gwi rul
kyo nyanga ji ne
ha nul da ma du ril ke o
da du rum myon sok
cha gak ka gil
na ga myo nun nas
so i ge ne jwo
myo hal go nun na
myos sa ro Sh!t
da tok gat chi ya
no bon ji re mat
chok ko ri yos sa
ga gi yo, gurl

Hwak ki man he yo
nam mo du ye su
ba gi dwe go nan
ku go ke gi wi ye
ku dong-an mi ru
go mi rum
myo pi na nun
no ryo gi go shi rul me (Aw!)
tat tong jul ta
gop ship ta Hok ka
kol le mun Rhyme Flow
ga pum da pok
bal Verse sun na cho do
Hook gam
ta mot di ke he yo
mol li ge he yo
ne fen dul do
mo du da kol li ge he yo
hei ro du re gen to
sol li ge he (sol li ge he)
ing gwa ung bo
i jen pu rin
de ro go doh
hok pyong-un nal su
gi ge ha kom mo yok
du rul mo gum myon
go pa ro so wa shik ga dat
tongu ros sa ji rul go yo
Ne yo mang gwa
o ma nun Don't Stop
na won nan de ro
gap cho ne ko lin
de ro kot ga
het chwe sang
de ga an dwe
ni yuk che ner pal
ja a reh
ta gol li jok go ri nun
ga re ne nai dap ge
khak1! tu tu tange
ne fen du ri gil
to jun de roh
hi jen sap pu ni
ji ru ba boh
ne hyong je dul gwa
i no ryok be roh
nuk kil te ya ip
shi nyam myong
I'm On

1 Verse Set
ip dak ko
tu ro ra i Verse te
i Flow we bun ni gil
Like gyong le (whuh)
gyong le (whuh)
gyong le (whuh)

Verse Set
mo du da jul gyo ra
i Verse te
i go zep pu ni gil
Like yol te (Hot)
yol te (Hot)
yol te (Hot)

ENGLISH Translation

J HOPE I start with my name, well-oiled
stopping the same old repetitive routine, set my worth alight
gather round, I’ll show you the very same, my knife cuts
cut out the rotten things, it’ll all fall like dandruff
if the swooping pigeons all scatter, you won’t catch any
I do it coolly, come down amidst ostentation, be the bodhisattva through my talents
for two and a half years I’ve observed this fire-like scene as a bystander
it’s time for that endurance to respond, to overreact without hesitation
talk sh!t all you want, paparazzi, I’m going to take aim at
every one of your ears
I’ll put all my passion into it, I hope you’ll all realize when you hear
I don’t wear a mask, that’s my motto
I live while doing what I’ll do, sh!t
not everything is the same, focus on the essentials
accumulating a career
just dabble, I’ll become everything’s surface*
in order to realize that
while delaying and delaying for that time
my desperate efforts are coming to fruition
be scared shitless, dwell on it, go to the hook
gag yourself, the RHYME carries the FLOW to an explosion
even if I throw out a verse, it has the feeling of a HOOK
bite everyone so they won’t forget it
even making all of my fans will get turned on
I’ll make my haters puke (puke)
what goes around comes around, now reap what I’ve sown
while favorable comments will make me bow,
if I eat curses**
I’ll digest them straight away
they’ll all come out as shit, I’ll shout it out
my appetite and arrogance DON’T STOP
I set the price how I want to, act out like I made you horny
there can’t be a confrontation at the beginning
your six forms under my eight letters
the gathered up phlegm, [spit it out] like my age TWO TWO on the ground
I’ll lightly step on the road my fans have given me
rising up through the efforts of my brothers

close your mouth and listen while I do this VERSE
the atmosphere of this FLOW is LIKE a salute
(WOAH) salute (WOAH) salute (WOAH)

everybody enjoy it while I do this VERSE
this place’s atmosphere is LIKE the tropics
(HOT) tropics (HOT) tropics (HOT)

ENG - @BTS0222

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