Thursday, 16 March 2017

Yang Hee Eun X AKMU - The Tree [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

nan gwes so nul man jil te
gwe nal du rul kwe o re
yot bo at chi
gip gep pe in son gum meh
mo run chok ke on
we ro um mi sum mo i sot go
i rok ke got chi ron non jul
das shi gum a ran ne

gwi he ol gu rul ma ju hal te
gwe ho rin nal du rul
bit chwo bo at ji
to rot tu rin nip ga ye
han ga duk ji na gan
shi jo rul mo gum go is sot go
nal go o re dwen
gi yo gul yo jon hi..
kyon di go i son ne

nal go o re dwen
ki yo gul yo jon hi
gyon di u um myoh
nun mul mal li go
i son ne

nan gwe ju rum sal cho rom
mem ma run go sul bon jok
dan han bon op ji
na rul him gyop ke an ko
go yo i nu nul kam gi ye
sul pi u nun bo bul
i jun jul a rak ko
i rok ke ba ram bu nun jul
na nun mol lan ne

kon me jum mi
da han gu bun
dung jul gi nun
cho ra het ji man
ku gat to nan ja ri nun
na mu ral ko dop shi
tong bi o it ge het da

ENGLISH Translation

When I touched your hands
It seemed like you had many days
Your deeply engraved lines
Hide the loneliness that was ignored
I realized how rough it must have been

When I saw your face
It reflected your young days
Your mouth was swallowing the past times
As always, you were enduring through
The worn-out and old memories

As always, you were enduring through
The worn-out and old memories
As you dried up your tears

I’ve never seen something so dry as your wrinkles
Because you held me tight and quietly closed your eyes
I thought you forgot how to cry sadly
I didn’t know the wind blew like this

After the flowers already bloomed
The line of your backbone was curved
It looked sad but
The spot that you left behind
Was perfectly empty


Eng - pop!gasa

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