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Rap Monster - Joke [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

nek gum ma gul
ul lek num mi dum
Bass And Drum nal
u ji gi nu gi rum
yo gi jon je
ha nun mo dun heng
bok ku no ye se buk
ka ji mo du imma Fcukin Get em
na nu ne las sin no du run bi dum
reb byong shi dun nos
su jun bi dung bi dung
Fame, Girls, Money That ma Honey
To The ha nit
To The ha ni
nu gan na rang ma nik Imma Fcukin Beat em
kom mo ri gat tun Haters
na rul ju gyo na rul muk ko
na rul su gyo
na ge man du ro I'm So Super
I Juss Grew Up
gu ji gat tun MotherScuker MotherFcuker
sak da sok ko
son ba rik kok o
shik gyo sok ko
shik kyo tok go ri jon bu Fcuk Up
ha ni bu ro du mal yo ja
du rum nol bo go bul lok on ni
no mu na do ship gek ka nun chol pan dul
ji dul go ge son ji
du ri mo i gon ni
ye yo jap pa ri
bo da do ko yo
a su yon shil sak da bo yo
hong de ye nung
shi ye myot
an dwe nun hip sun ni
du ri ne gu go jong
na nik ko se mu nul yol go da da mat chi gep pe
no du re men nal
nuk kin da nun Rap Pain
nas su shik ga ne bit tu rul jep pe
nol bo myon bit tu du ri ma rah ha ne jep pe
be a ri jom kol lis shil go ye je Pay
Sweden do gil bu ra jil to jep pen
nit to rong
hyo bo da gang he yo jep pen
ni jek ka bo ne ow
bo da do han jep pe
Got Six Bullets In My Tongue, huk!
Six Snakes In My Lung, huk!
Six Shots Got Me Feelin' 2pac
gu re i gon es se be ga sa yo, ho!
gum shi jo un
bu bu cho rom pyol gop jik
non chon sang
yo ja cho rom sol gop jik
na nun tak tak
mon jit to ri bak bak
su ro bo ryo mul gat tun ne yok
sok so got ji
ne gi nim mim ma no u ri
You Know Got
A Mofcukin Beat
I Got A Mofcukin Rhyme
I Got A Mofcukin Flow
I Got A Mofcukin Style
I Got A Mofcukin Wine
I Got A Mofcukin Shine
det che mo ma din na ye Mofcukin Line
Bitch I'm The One I'm So Mofcukin Prime
no nen jon na ge chon
su ro chon ja ni yom
to nun jok ba rul jo wa nun
kon du ni Style
Bitch I'm Your Man,
10 Outta 10
shim jang-un ko me han yo rum mis son ten
jak jo ne gis
shi ya ji gu ren ne
i rum me bu ren
hon ja da mong rin ne
i rum me be
yo gin ne gat cha ri no ri dong san Pull The le bo
pu ri but to cha in na ji no wa na ye Rebel
bo ni rum mun Greatest
ton na yes song-un Ever
jol te ge myos shi chok
a ne na nun Never Ever Ever
gu re ma non gap bo dan gap tap
bo dan ban dap
bo dan cha ya don bo myon nos
sang cho myos sa
na nun Top Of The Top gap
Of The Gap dab
Of The bas
son be hu be du lo la do ra ga
gu nyang jos shi nak ka
jap so mo go ma ma jis so
gu re non nak ay jok
gu ro nik ka jok ka
na ji don ba mi don
ju na ge bu ji ron
se gul ja reb bak ke
mot ta nun shik kya non
bi bi di bab
bi di bub bi di bab
bi di ni mi ni nam
mi ni ji gi mi chak ga
min nik ko nun na ga ri
chom mo gon no ga ri
i rum min nim
mi ni Shwaty no dap
ne reb wa na jo ni kok
ji ga don rep ni
reb bu han ma di man nal ge Don't rep
nek ko jom kum
mu res so jom no rep
nik ko wol le reb bi a ni ran da Non-Rap
gu re non chwe go ye ja gap jil
So jon na ge ja re gak jil
hak gun ni seng gak ke bo ni gak
bi ot ton jo gom ne gab
te gok i mi rab
bu rul kek im jil
I Pop It, Rock It, Knock It
Never Stop It Talkin Some Trashes
nan bek su ra so
op so cha bi
non Real bek su op so cha bi
You Know I Ain't About The Thousands
Let Me Ride It
Yo Drop It Swap It
Rock It Mock It Stalk It Lock It
In My Pocket
Theres Full of Monsters Yeah
I Gettin On em Bitch
Gettin On em Rich
he byo ni ya dul no nun son Of A Beach
na mo sok cho rom bin na mat chi Son Of A hit
na nun gwe mul sos Son Of A Stitch
Yeah Man I Told You That I'm A Monster
That Why I Be Rappin Non Stop
I Do Want Your Hands At The Concert
Want Your Fcukin Damn Erry Hands At The Concert
Hit Me

ENGLISH Translation

this rhythm that makes my eardrums cry
bass and drum, the oil that makes me move
everything that exists here, happiness until your new obedience,
everything Imma fuckin get em
I’m Elastine and you guys are dandruff
rap idiots, your standard is a commotion
fame, girls, money that’s my honey to the honey to the honey who guards the (??)
Imma fuckin beat em
a hero like a leech, kill me tie me up, give me
my destiny I’m so super I just grew up
beggar-like mothersuckers, motherfuckers all of them decay,
make them break their hands and feet
suckers make them chin-ups fuck up
with one mouth, two words, girls see you and call you unnie
even if it’s too much it’s easy to tease you, you guys in songs what are you, Lee Gunhee*
at which girls get more twisted up than Paris, they know so your truth is all revealed
the votes from your loyal fans at the Hongdae variety shows
I’ll open this place’s doors and close them like a campaign
the rap pain that you guys feel every day
in an instant I conquer the beat
when they see you the beats speak, that guy’s a loss
you’ll feel a little offended, my pay
Sweden, Germany, Brazil to Japan
my pen is stronger than your dirty tongue
it’s now, try to tease me my loss that’s greater than Okwang**
got six bullets in my tongue, ho
six snakes in my lung, ho
six shots got me feeling 2pac, okay, these are A$AP’s lyrics, ho
like a couple with good conjugal harmony, there’s nothing big
your heaven, just like a woman, you won’t see face to face
I’m tick dock a duster, bak bak dusting, my tongue like water, you’ll see it
yeah this is meaningless wordplay, you know I got a mufuckin beat
got a mufuckin rhyme
got a mufuckin flow got a mufuckin style
got a mufuckin wine got a mufuckin shine
these are all how many words? my mufuckin lines
bitch I’m the one I’m so mufuckin prime
you’re so countrified you’re the village leader,
the style of old geezers who like jokbal***
bitch I’m your man, 10 out of 10, my heart is pitch black, a summer’s suntan
my operations are beginning, my name’s brand
I do it all myself, my name’s band
here is the playplace I’ve prepared, pull the lever
there’s a big difference huh? in your and my levels
this name is the greatest, and my family name is ever
I won’t ever change my name, I’m never ever ever
okay asshole, you’re more annoying than favorable, rice rather than a tower
short instead of answering, if you watch porn you finish in 3 seconds
I’m the top of the top, favor of the favor, answer of the answer,
sunbaes and hoobaes alike come back
just play with your dick or something, try eating, it’s delicious. okay,
you’re my enemy, right, my enemy
whether it’s night or day, fucking industries,
you’re a bastard who can’t rap more than three characters
bibidi babidi bubidi babidi. nimini namini jirimi chakami
hold on to your own things, pig out,
young pollack. is your name Mimi, shawty? no answer
my rap is totally a handle, money rap. I’ll say one word about your rap, don’t rap
mine is rap that plays well in wide water. yours is rap that originally isn’t rap, non-rap****
yeah you’re the best woman, losing to pussy
so you do fucking well, being bossy*****
pull out and tell your lover you have gonnorhea
I pop it rock it knock it never stop it talkin’ some trashes
I’m out of work so so I have no mercy,
you’re really out of work so you have no money for car payments
you know I ain’t about the thousands let me ride it yo drop it swap it
rock it mock it stalk it lock it in my pocket
there’s full of monsters
yeah I gettin’ on em bitch, gettin on em rich
the son of the seaside, you’re son of a beach
I shine like a diamond in the rough, like son of a jade******
I’m a monster, son of a Stitch
yeah man I told you that I’m a monster
that why I be rappin non-stop
I do want your hands at the concert
want your fuckin damn erry hands at the concert
hit me

Note :

= Lee Gunhee, owner of Samsung
= Okwang, a fortune-telling card game
= jokbal, boiled pig feet,
a popular food for older people
**** =
“money rap” and “don’t rap” have similar pronunciation,
“playing rap” and “non-rap” have similar pronunciation
= ? is slang for vagina
and ? is “will lose,” ?? is to boss someone around
(I doubt these two things are unrelated in etymology…)
= jade is ?? which is pronounced similarly to “beach”
which is pronounced similarly to “bitch”


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