Tuesday, 25 April 2017

IU - Full Stop [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

hal go is so so
mu sun ma rin ji
mu sun ma um min ji dah ha ra
ha ru do tak ka ru man do
mi ru go ship po so

ku re ya get ji
kyol gu gon jeng ga
je i ro ryo un suk je rul
he ya ji
ma ji ma gin sak ga
hi rok ke
nu jo so mi han

ma ni po go ship ji man
nol da shi nun
man na ji an
nas sum jok kes so

ap pa ul ji man da shin
no ro in he
hu ji an na sum jok kes so

ha num kum shi
nan wot ton jin shim do
no mu swi wot ton de dap do
mon nik ge
sa rang-an yo rob bo ne
ge jol do
han nyong mo du han nyong

jon bu al gok gat ta do
do hi sange
i he nun nop sos sum jo kes so
muk ko ship ji man kun ne gu te da bul
dut jim mot te sum
jok kes so

byo na mop shi
jong jik kan du nun do
yak sok kan gyo ul ba da do
mon nik ge
heng bok ket to no rin na
ri na do
han nyong mo du an nyong

han nyong mo du

ENGLISH Translation

I already knew what you meant
I know how you feel too
One more day, just one more day
I wanted to delay it

I should, in the end, some day
Start the hardest homework
Sorry that my last goodbye was so late

I’ll miss you a lot
But I don’t ever wanna see you again

It hurts and I’ll cry
But I never want to smile because of you again

True feelings we shared piece by piece
Answers that were so easy
Several seasons that we loved unforgettably
Goodbye, Goodbye to it all

I think I know everything
But I don’t want any more understanding
I want to ask you
But I don’t want to hear your answer

Your unchanging and honest eyes
The winter ocean that we promised
Days of my youth that were unforgettably happy
Goodbye, Goodbye to it all

Goodbye to it all


Eng - pop!gasa

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